Parents and professionals share many joys and concerns about children. Whether you are distressed about your child’s behavior at home and/or at school, want to establish or make changes in routines, or simply want to understand what’s going on with your child. I offer professional support and information to help parents nurture confident, competent, healthy and happy children. I use a collaborative process which involves parents and relevant professionals in achieving the goals you have for your child. Change happens through the use of assessment, observations and intervention, which occur through shared collaboration with parents and relevant professionals.

Parent-Infant and Parent-Toddler Group Facilitation

In-Home Parent and Child Development Consultation and Intervention

Infant Mental Health Consultation

Family Therapy

Preschool Observations, Consultation, and Staff Support

Agency and school staff consultation regarding infant mental health, child development and mental health, and parenting, establishing parenting support groups

Workshops on various child development and parenting topics, for parents and professionals

Seminars for professionals on parent-infant and parent-toddler group facilitation


All services are available on a sliding scale, and statements are provided that can be submitted to insurance for reimbursement.

Karen Dudley understands that emergency or illness can occur quickly; however, you are asked to provide at least 24 hours notice regarding a cancellation. Karen will attempt to reschedule that cancelled appointment in the same week, and when this is possible, cancellation fees will be waived. If you do not show up for your scheduled appointment, and you have not notified Karen at least 24 hours in advance, you will be REQUIRED to pay the full cost of your missed session.

Areas of specialization

• Anxious behavior in children 
• Arrival of new baby
• Body image
• Building positive self-esteem
• Challenging behavior
• Child safety/stranger danger
• Children’s friendships
• Choosing a preschool
• Custody arrangements
• Eating/nutrition
• Limit setting
• Parental disagreements regarding rules and expectations of children
• Power struggles
• Preparing children for parental separation/divorce
• School difficulties
• Self-regulation
• Separation
• Shared parenting between separated parents
• Sibling Relationships
• Sleep
• Social/emotional development
• Temper tantrums 
• Toileting
• Transitions
• Weaning
• Withdrawn children