Parenting Workshops

Workshops presented by Karen Dudley, are appropriate for parent groups, and professional development (such as preschool and elementary school staff, and programs and agencies working with children and their families).

If there is a topic that you do not see here but would like Karen to discuss please feel free to contact her.  

  • Limit Setting/Discipline – Helping to provide limits and discipline while maintaining a warm, nurturing environment. Help your child listen to you and develop self control.

  • Sleep – Difficulty going to sleep, awakening during the night, nightmares, causes, and what to do to help your child develop effective sleep habits

  • Play – The essential role of play in children’s learning, problem solving, language development and development of school readiness skills

  • Success in school – What your child needs to succeed in school, and what parents can do to help children develop these skills

  • Healthy Eating Habits – Nutritional information, psychological factors in eating habits, strategies for developing healthy eating habits

  • Power Struggles and Conflict Resolution – The underlying issues that cause power struggles, how to help your child resolve conflicts,  and how to help your child listen to you

  • Choosing a Preschool School – What a good preschool looks like, the right preschool for your child

  • Toilet Learning – Helping your child make the transition from diapers to the toilet in an effective and supportive process. Underlying issues, signs of readiness, strategies and techniques

  • Sibling Relationships – Helping your children love and support each other

  • Body Image - How we experience our physical body influences how we perceive ourselves for better or worse.

  • Child Safety

  • Family RitualsHow to share your values, and increase your child’s pride and security in their family

  • Separations and Transitions – concerns parents have, concerns children have, how to help your child have a successful and confident separation

  • Supporting Your Child’s Friendships – How children make friendships, the obstacles in developing relationships, and what parents can do to support their child’s emerging or ongoing relationships

  • Self regulation – the key to successful school, work, and relationships

  • How Your Child’s Sexuality Develops and Child Safety  
  • Building Positive Self Esteem and Temperament
  • Difficult and Challenging Children – What is going on and how to manage
  • How To Raise An Appreciative Child
  • When Mommy and Daddy Don't Agree - How to navigate through parental differences